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One of our camp focuses is school programs. Each year, Wedderburn Christian Campsite has over 6,500 campers stay at our property. Our campers enjoy a wide variety of activities, from high adrenalin & educational to creative as well as personal development programs. The majority of our School Camps booked are via ‘word of mouth’ and ‘repeat-bookings’, this in itself is testimony to our professional and flexible approach to camps.

FULLY PROGRAMMED CAMPS – teachers relax! Wedderburn Christian Campsite staff supervise and coordinate the days programs from BREAKFAST TO BED.  This allows flexibility for teachers to float between activities, mingle and have some time for R&R!  This way of running camps has been credited as a ‘significant advantage’ of our campsite by regular clients. All programs are tailored to your school’s particular requirements.  Do you have desired outcomes for your camping experience? We will design a program to suit your needs incorporating syllabus based activities and environmental education as well as addressing issues such as facing fears, team work and peer support. Please check out our most popular camps below!


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School Camps:

Outdoor education, challenge and personal development camps’ (Generally Years 3-10)

  • These camps are designed to be packed with fun activities, learning new things, challenging young people to step out of their comfort zones and teaching them life skills. With many activities on offer, we can tailor a program to suit any need.  This program would suit up to 150 students. Read More…

‘Visual art’s Impact camps’ (Generally Years 7-10)

  • Whether this is painting, film, photography, drama, sculpture or any other art form, we are able to provide a tranquil facility to let the inner artist emerge. Some of this program is run by your teachers in conjunction with our staff. Generally, this is an outlet for your students to continue with their school work. This program could have a ‘showcase’ on the second night where you could invite parents/staff to view their art projects set up in our studio room. This program would suit up to 80 students. Read More…

‘Study camps’ (Generally Years 11-12)

  • The quiet environment and peaceful bushland provide a great setting to forget the hustle and bustle of the city, TV, internet and other distractions. It gives an opportunity to spend time studying and getting help from teachers instantly. We can also offer (at a cost) seminars on ‘effective study strategies’ and more. A few activities are thrown into the mix to break up the study sessions. This program would suit up to 100 students. Read More…

‘Leadership camps’ (Generally for SRC or Peer support groups)

  • Camps like this are designed to enhance team work, promote unity, encourage self-worth and inspire thought. Based around activities that require young people to work together, this is a camp that will grow your SRC or Peer support program. This program would generally suit up to 100 students. Read More…

‘Bush Campouts’ (Generally years 5-12)

  • Why not give your students a real taste of good old Aussie camping by organising a bush campout. Campers will experience tent sleeping, cooking on open fires and so much more whilst still having the comforts of hot showers and flushing toilets, then our bush campout program is for you. This program would suit up to 100 students. Read More…

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