Pollution (Battery Dump)

Entering a side track the students come across a dump site of old car batteries (the lead and acid have been removed). The students explore the environmental consequences of pollution and discuss what control measures may be put in place.

Outcomes and Indicators

Living Things   S3.3

Identifies, describes and evaluates the
interactions between living things and their
effects on the environment.

Products and Services   S3.5

Creates and evaluates products and
services, demonstrating consideration
of sustainability, aesthetic, cultural,
safety and functional issues.

Investigating   S3.7

Conducts their own investigations and makes
judgements based on the results of
observing, questioning, planning, predicting,
testing, collecting, recording and analysing
data, and drawing conclusions.

Devise a means of testing the effects on
living things caused by pollution in a local waterway.
Discusses the likely impact of the removal of one

form of life from a food chain.
Evaluate the construction of a car battery
to determine the sustainability of the
product environmentally.
Using Technology   S3.9

Evaluates, selects and uses a range of
equipment, computer-based technology,
materials and other resources to meet
the requirements and constraints
of investigating and designing tasks.

Uses a water testing device to check the water
pollution level in a local waterway and discusses
findings,    eg; with an expert


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