Bush Foods Adventure through native wilderness with our expert guide discovering bush uses such as medicine, food and tools for bush survival.
Bush Shelters Build your own fort to defend your territory. A fun team building activity using available materials in the bush to build a fort for your team.
Koalas @ Camp Can we find Big Russ, one of our local Koalas? Use mapping & navigational skills to participate in current field work for Koala conservation.
Brilliant Beetles Go on a beetle hunt with our in-house specialist. Learn about symbiotic relationships & diversity with practical skills for collection and classification.
Valued Habitat Discover the value of seemingly old and lifeless looking things by exploring the lightning tree and discovering the important role it plays for habitat.
Water Works Take a trip to our local water catchment and test the water looking for influencing factors to water quality.
Pollution Solution Become a geologist and test our soil. Investigate the damage of dumped waste and work out ways to minimise waste.
Chicken Run Collect eggs, build feeders or regenerate a garden bed and help the chickens move house whilst learning about crop rotation and composting.
Camp Fire Skills With our expert outdoor guide, learn the art of safe campfire making and extinguishing with a key focus on bushfire prevention & awareness.
Fan to Flames Experiment with different fire building techniques using friction, magnification, striking and an old fashioned tinderbox.
Wedderburn Wildlife Explore the best kept bush secrets as you enter the habitat of our unique Australian Animals and follow the clues they leave behind.
Tent Camping Learn how to pitch a tent and practice setting up camp whilst gaining vital practical skills for safe camping.
Bush Survival Skills Led by our expert to a secret location, your mission is to use the skills and tools provided to navigate your way back to your food source.
Damper on a Stick Learn damper fire making techniques, safe fire production skills and then cook your own damper on a stick.  
Enviro-phobia Urban living can cause angst about our natural world. Learn appropriate responses to environmental fears through our fun and informative activities.
Invert Inspectors Use magnifiers and collection containers to capture then identify invertebrates in different habitats and look at their features.
Garbage Guts Visit our chickens & worms and work out where our lunch scraps go! Discover your own creative way to reduce or reuse garbage at camp.
Spider-wise Handle and identify potentially dangerous spiders (Dead Specimens – Phew!). Explore habitat, classification and investigate the importance role they play.

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