1. Navigation – compass and map reading
  2. Tent pitching & camp set up
  3. Fire safety and construction
  4. Camp Cooking
  5. Team work and Resilience

INITIATIVE TEAM BUILDING GAMES: Solve a variety of obstacles and challenges by collaborating with your team to reach the goal.

TENT PITCH: Learn how to pitch a tent and practice setting up camp whilst gaining vital practical skills for safe camping.

DAMPER ON A STICK: Learn damper fire making techniques, safe fire production skills and then cook your own damper on a stick.

SHELTER BUILDING Students will experiment with different methods of shelter construction using tarpolines, ropes, tents and surrounding resources to construct their own shelter.

BUSH SURVIVAL SKILLS: Led by our expert to a secret location, students are given a mission to use the skills, knowledge and tools provided to navigate their way back to a food source.

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