Early Stage 1

FARM TO FRIDGE                                                                                      

GEOGRAPHY : Supports People live in Places                                       SCIENCE: Needs of living things – supports “Paddock to Plate” unit.

Farmer Joe has left us some jobs to do! Compost your food scraps, feed the animals and our worms, help dig a garden and look for his chickens. Kids will learn about sorting waste for composting, how plants and animals work together and help us to provide food. They will play educational games and even plant their very own seed to take home!

KOALA’S BIG PICNIC                                                                                            

SCIENCE : Natural Environment – Needs of Living Things

Did you know the Koala is not a bear, but they sure look like a Teddy Bear! Bring your favourite teddy and join our ranger for a Koala hunt to find clues Big Russ the Koala has left behind! Have a picnic in the Eucalypt Forest and learn all about our Australian furry friends. Your class will even get to feed leftovers to our resident emus and learn all about what these amazing animals need to survive.

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