A day exploring the habitat of native Australian animals with a look at land management, practical tips for bush safety & survival as well as ways to care for the environment.

ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE AND MANAGEMENT                                     

Explore habitat and land uses at Wedderburn. Develop a plan to save the Koalas and even conquer our adventure climb into their tree top canopy. Use maps and GPS to look for evidence of koalas in the environment and identify the impacts people have had on their environment.

DEPENDING ON EACH OTHER                                                                               

A day of hands on practical activities developing teamwork and knowledge of how we and other animals depend on each other. Observe the local environment and investigate habitats and identify plants and animals. Meet our resident emus and learn about the difference between living and non-living things. Learn to classify animals and to care for the needs of plants in the local environment.


A day of team building and collaboration to reach a common goal. With the help of our wilderness guide, students navigate their way back to camp using their bush survival kit whilst learning basic bush skills for navigation and survival including finding water, food and shelter. Back at base, students construct a shelter using available materials and camp cooking.


This team building day takes students on a journey of facing fears. Whether it be the funnel web spider and discovering their behaviours and habitat on our bush adventure walk or dropping from the heights of our Giant Swing or climbing our ‘Vertical Challenge’, students will bond as they face their fears together. They will learn the importance of supporting each other to overcome challenges and the art of problem solving to get out of danger in our initiative games session. This is a great day to overcome fears in a safe place, discover the leaders of the pack, work out social boundaries and develop group work skills.

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