Habitat (Lightning Tree)

Students visit a Scribble Gum (Eucalyptus Haemastoma) which has been struck by lightning. Students will identify the changes to the tree and investigate the benefits to the surrounding habitat. They will discuss the electrical storms and identify the technology available to people to prepare for weather conditions.

Outcomes and Indicators

Living Things   S3.3Identifies, describes and evaluates the interactions between living things and their effects on the environment. ES   S3.6Recognises that the Earth is the source of most materials and resources, and describes phenomena and processes,
both natural and human, that form and change the Earth over time.
Investigating   S3.7Conducts their own investigations and makes judgements based on the results of observing, questioning, planning, predicting, testing, collecting, recording and analysing data, and drawing conclusions. Evaluates the advantages of environmental change caused by lightning and its benefits on the local habitat. Discusses the impact of the removal of part of a habitat from a local environment. Discusses the ways to investigate the weather patterns of a given area.
Using Technology   S3.9Evaluates, selects and uses a range of equipment, computer-based technology, materials and other resources to meet
the requirements and constraints of investigating and designing tasks.
Identifies the technology available to record and evaluate weather conditions.
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