Stage 1

FARM TO FRIDGE                                                                                       

GEOGRAPHY : Supports Features of Places

SCIENCE: Living World – Needs of Living things. Supports “Paddock to plate” unit.

Farmer Joe has left us some jobs to do! Compost your food scraps, feed the animals and our worms, help dig a garden and look for his chickens. Kids will learn about sorting waste for composting, how plants and animals work together and help us to provide food. They will play educational games and even plant their very own seed!

KOALA’S @ CAMP                                                                                    

SCIENCE: Living world Needs & features of Living things

GEOGRAPHY: Features of Places

Can we find Big Russ, one of our local Koalas? Students will be taught how to track a koala and use basic maps and navigational tools in an attempt to find Big Russ and his mates among the grey gums. Students will learn about the features and needs of koalas. They will explore the features of places where Koalas live by sketching a koala habitat, identifying gum trees and discovering what koalas need for future survival. As part of our local conservation project, students will be involved in hands-on planting or re-generation of the grey gum plantation used for Koalas kept in zoos. We also have exciting adventure climbing activities that will allow the students to experience the world of the koala first-hand.

BRILLIANT BEETLES                                                                                        SCIENCE: Living Worlds – Needs, features & changes of living things.

Bushwalk with our qualified guide to discover the needs of living thing and explore the brilliant world of beetles. Look at the external features of invertebrates, their life cycle and relationship with other animals such as the koala. Hunt for and identify invertebrates in their habitat and examine specimens using magnification technologies. Conquer fear with knowledge and understanding of animals’ habitat and behaviour. Learn to identify deadly spiders and how to be safe around them and for an extra highlight to the day, try one of our fantastic adventure activities ‘Invert Climb’(vertical climb) ‘Spider Swing’ (Giant Swing) or ‘Arachno – seil’ (Abseiling)

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