Stage 6


PRELIMINARY SCIENCE Supports Module 2 Organisation of Living Things, Module 3 Biological Diversity, Module 4 Ecosystem Dynamics

PRELIMINARY GEOGRAPHY: Ecosystems at Risk – the functioning of ecosystems, their management and protection.

Students will learn about the diversity of ecosystems in koala habitats by studying the soil types and plants found in these regions. Content will review symbiotic relationships, habitat, classification, unique structural adaptations and features of Australian animals including reproduction systems used to survive the harsh climate. Students will find evidence of Koala habitation, recording data as part of a recognised and current Koala field study. They will learn to identify the unique biological diversity existing in their habitat and contribute to sustaining koala habitat by developing their own Koala Plan of Management (KPoM) and assisting with bush regeneration. As an added extra why not have your hardworking students explore the canopy themselves in one of our fantastic team building adventure activities, the “Leap of Faith” or “Tree Climb”.


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